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My daughter has been a student at Sue Albert’s dance studio for four years. I am so grateful to the teachers there for helping her to find, and perfect, her true passion. She loves to dance! In addition, I have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s self-esteem since beginning dance classes. The teachers have been patient and caring and it is obvious that they love what they do.


I just wanted to say how pleased we are with your Studio. We have been very picky about activities/coaches/leaders for our children. Starting our daughter in dance brought anxiety to us, having seen other girls in dance & the stories about the music, costumes, teachers, etc. We are so pleased with the way you choose music & costumes, considering modesty & appropriateness. Your message about promotions & classes further reinforces your desire to truly support & encourage the students’ growth & development. Your Student Teachers are also leaving a great impression on my daughter. For that we are grateful. Thank you so much for the service you provide to the youth in our community.


I’d like to pass along some observations my daughter & I have about our experience with your Studio:

  • a fun place to learn dance and make new friends
  • a place to learn from caring and dedicated instructors
  • a place to teach myself that I CAN dance and have fun doing it
  • a place where it’s ok to not be a prima ballerina, but can still take ballet and be the ballerina I dreamed of being
  • a place where the “older, more experienced dancers” actually enjoy teaching and being a role model for the younger dancers
  • a place where I can enroll in as many or as few dance classes as I want and still be treated like I’m one of the studio’s best clientele.
  • a place where enthusiasm and excitement for what’s to come, becomes contagious to those who enter a classroom
  • a place where recitals allow me to live my dream of a dancer and have my moment in the spotlight
  • a place where it’s ok to make mistakes and not “get it” cause I have an instructor who will teach me until I DO get it


Sue, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know just how much our family and friends enjoyed the recital yesterday. I think it was one of the best we have ever been to. Everybody was talking about it at intermission and after the show. I don’t know where you come up with some of your ideas but it was terrific. And just one aside, and I know I am a little biased, however the Salute tap dance by Juniors was incredible. I think my jaw just dropped after it was over. Thank you again and for all of your efforts and hard work this year. We will see you in September.


The only place I will ever take my daughter for dance. Miss Sue is simply the best. All of the staff are amazing as well. Been coming here with my daughter for three years and planning on bringing my youngest daughter when she is old enough to start.


Great Studio!


I have been dancing with Sue since I was a little girl. Now, as a college student, I can’t help but to keep going back. Her studio gives every dancer the chance to explore various styles of dance and to develop a passion for dance. The best thing about this studio are the teachers. They genuinely care for their students and try to get to know each of them as an individual. They provide the guidance needed for their students to achieve their dancing goals and prove that there is value in working hard at something you love.


I danced at Sue Albert’s School of Dance for 14 years before graduating. At Sue’s its not just a studio of dancers, it is like a big family. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Sue is very loving and shares her knowledge and passion of dance with all of her students. When I got older, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to become a student teacher and assist in some classes. It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Sue is so nurturing and is like a second mother to me. She is very supportive and always encourages her students to be the best they can be. Even now that I graduated, I still go back as much as I can because the studio feels like my second home. I couldn’t have imagined dancing anywhere else.


My daughter has been going to Sue Alberts School of Dance since 2013 and we never had a problem. Very nice teachers with excellent education in their passion. They show the children to enjoy dancing while putting the children through the steps they need to know to become an amazing performer. We are so glad to be a part of their growing family!!!! If anyone is looking for teachers with amazing patience and passion in what they do….This is the place!!!


Ava has been dancing here since she was 4 years old. She started off with one class only and one dance only at the recital. She is now 8 years old and dancing on the competition team. She has 2 classes and 5 dances this year at the recital. She loves it at Sue Albert’s. She loves her teachers and the girls. Every year she keeps getting better and better. Sue and Christa are great teachers and a great family to be with. It is a family Studio. I couldn’t be any happier here. I recommend this studio over all the others.


I started dancing at Sue’s when I was 3 years old. Through the next 15 years I would not only learn dance, but I made lifelong friends, had a place where I felt I truly belonged, learned discipline and respect, and also learned leadership skills when I later became I student teacher for Sue. I love returning to the studio even now, 2 years after graduating, to help out in any way that I can. Sue is like a second mother to me and all the teachers and girls at the studio become a home away from home. I highly recommend Sue Albert’s School of Dance to anyone looking to learn dance and have fun while doing it!


My daughter has been dancing for Sue Albert’s School of Dance for the past 12 years and absolutely loves it. Sue and Christa are great teachers who provide a fun learning environment while teaching technique and promoting excellence.


I love Ms. Sue!!!!! She is the best dance teacher I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in learning all different styles of dance.


A lot of my life growing up revolved around dance. At the age of 3, I started dancing at Sue Albert’s School of Dance. Growing up dancing at Sue’s, I learned all of the technique that I needed in order to become a better dancer. Not only was I getting the technique needed, I was also gaining what seemed to be like a second family. Throughout my 15 years at Sue’s I became very close with the teachers and with my fellow dancers. I always felt like I was welcome and it was like the perfect fit. My last few years at Sue’s I had the opportunity to student teach and get even deeper into the studio. I would not change any of my experiences at my dance studio. I still find myself back at the studio helping out with classes as well as going back to be in the finale. I would recommend this studio to anyone!